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The history of Monte Pu’

Monte Pu’ is located 12 km from Sestri Levante, but far away in the time.

The structure dates back to an ancient benedictine monastery of the XII century, now a central part of the complex.

A corner of nature at 700 meters above sea level, which also includes the southern slope of Montalpe and the Mount Rusparola from which admire the Gulf of Tigullio, and further afield, the Corsica and Gorgona islands.

Here you can find foxes, wild boars and buzzards, but above all the water that rises pure from the numerous aquifers scattered between the five hundred and one thousand meters of altitude. From here in fact the mountain’s name, Monte Purus, today Pu’.

The management of Monte Pu’ has from always been family-run, so let us introduce you to our family!

We are Aurora, Pino, and our sons Orso, Cleo and Asia. For more than thirty years, our family has enjoyed this corner of the world that brings paradise closer, living in close contact with unspoiled nature and its wonders.

We love this place with its magic and it has always given us joy to share it with our guests. We will be happy to reveal the many small “secret” places on the Mount, the most beautiful; show you the most suitable walks for your needs and perhaps in the evening, in front of a sunset of ours, with a view that ranges from the Apuan Alps to France, to tell you the millennial history of Monte Purus and the Benedictine monastery that constitutes its foundations.

Aurora e Pino “ We have had the good fortune to visit enough corners of the world, and from every trip we have returned to “our ” Mount “richer”, and happy to return.

Orso, Asia and Cleo “ Here we grew up and we think that Monte Pu’ is a fantastic place for children, here they can experience the freedom of a race in the meadows, the close relationship with the house animals and above all the knowledge of nature.